My Lady

The Lady wields words to do her bidding.

With a thrust of her pen she can write dragons into oblivion or she can embrace her favored one.

Then again she could embrace the beast and cast the knight into the dungeon.

All with the ease of her imagination…


2 thoughts on “My Lady

  1. My Lady wields a mighty sword with her words,
    Powerful enough to slay the most armored knight,
    To inspire him to the glorious deeds in her service,
    To send him into the darkest maze lost in her words.

    My Lady conceals so many words within herself,
    Stories that would wither most if they heard aloud,
    Stories that would inspire many to love themselves,
    Stories shared with her knight would heal them both.

    My Lady is loved by her knight always and forever,
    My Lady is blessed from above always and forever,
    My Lady is cherished and adored by her knight,
    My Lady is my love, my world, and my life.

    I pledge my life, my honor, and my love to My Lady, always and forever.

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