Heart’s Duet #poetry #ladyknight



Lady’s heart calls                                               Call to my heart

 In moonlight serenade                                   my love  make it soon

With our song of love                                       sing me a love song

Dawn kisses the clouds                                   by the glow of the moon

Makes them blush                                            in pink dawn

desires drips like liquid sunshine                blow me hot kisses

Rouge paints sweaty dreams                        liquid desire bubbles

“I am Just Me” she says                                  embracing wishes of us

He agrees with a smile                                   the light catches in his smile

 Knowing she fits with him best                   the mirth is hers  

She rocks his world with challenges           hold me near tight for awhile

 Fills his heart                                                   wrap me in your love

 To overflowing  love                                       fountain’s flow never ceasing


Thanks for the photograph of the fountain


Beyond the Grave #poetry #death

Meal Beach, Burra Isles, Shetland by Robin Gosnall

In the darkness, I hear a voice

your whisper beyond my grasp

I lay back bathed in fever

“I must have dreamt of his call”

despondent just holding on

 the last string of hope

dissolves in my dreams

 life’s siren in the distance

but there is no warmth

the chilling fingers of death

are constricting my throat

pulling me under

“I loved you” the raspy words

tumble from my lips

you look into my eyes of blue

knowing there was love

as the tide receeds

The First of Firsts #poetry

the vow 2

This was to be the day

set apart from all others

to be the beginning

when our fingers would intertwine

the fragrance of wine would mingle

on waiting lips


This was to be the day

one we had waited for 

where life would begin again

the sun would rise in blue sky eyes

and moon would set in  bold tides

and we would never forget


This was not to be the day

where we set our hearts

upon a vibrant star

willing the past to fade

for dragons ate our dreams away

and we were left vacant forever

Photograph: “The Vow” © LKDesigns

Lady is Waiting #poetry


From a tower she gazes

over streams, fields and lands

it is not what she hopes for

though of life

there are many unspoken demands


he rides through the mist

darkness makes no reply

is this what I hoped for

dressed in armor

as if in a disguise?


emotionally wrought is my sentence

as I stand at life’s gate

for what am I waiting

evening falls

is it too late?


I press on through the pasture

guiding light of the moon

will the lady

still be waiting

hoping I’ll get there soon


what is that which I hear

is that the sound that I know

could it  mean

he’s really coming

please Sir don’t be slow


And I rush through the castle

the will to be by her side

I run narrow stairs

in a moment

I see love in her eyes



It’s Coming: A to Z

The countdown to the A to Z April Challenge has begun

In one week, 1374  bloggers ( we are #924) will be blogging about everything from Automotives to Zebras, Barbados to Yuma. Poetry, how- tos, cooking, sports, and the traditional hodge- podge of writing from the cuff.

Last year we wrote a serial that lasted all month based on the game Carcassone. This year we are going to write several vignette serials so that you dont have to read all month to finish the story. The theme: well the knights of old of course. So join us as well as the host of the A to Z ers in all their regalia for a month of great reading.

Love’s High Tide #THEMAG #poetry

Meal Beach, Burra Isles, Shetland by Robin Gosnall



An engulfing force

swirling high tide

pulled on my heart

sweeping reason aside

a swirling tide

stirring the shells

dragged me under

beneath the swell

pulled on my heart

love’s undertow

 only ride the waves

letting life go

sweeping reason aside

I cry for more

dance with the sea nymphs

making love on the shore

This is a poem submitted to this week’s  prompt over at The Mag. Thanks to Tess Kincaid for being the weekly hostess.

The Raven’s Words #poetry #fantasy

thefoxandtheraven>>>Dagger’s point  deep in her heart<<<

dark words had

done their deed

from the dungeon

called her home

she, longing to be freed


“where are you?” the raven caws

she cried through nights and days

the armored man

she waited for

had best not lost his way


for darkness claws

at dungeons’ walls

seeks destruction’s ease

aiming for the last of hope

drove the lady to her knees


what he’ll find who can tell

a lady or a wraith

will your steed

forward now

from hell she




(*the “V” is meant to make a visual only of a word picture of the dagger)

This is the offering for the excellent picture prompt over at The Mag. Thanks to Tess for offering a place to be inspired.

Quest of the Waters #poetry #Love #VersesFirst #bound

Lady and Knight ride

On the Quest for life’s water

Love grows as they ride


Distractions abound

Shared desires spur their questions

Tests of truth ahead


A log unnatural

Bridges the crevasse they find

He appears in smoke


Passage requires tests

Hold your sword knight hear my words

Souls are now at risk


Knight leave your great steed

Close your eyes to cross this way

Faith to one above


Lady’s test is hard

Show your faith in this man’s love

Hold his hand eyes shut


Both prayed to be true

In their walk of life forever

Eyes shut they stumbled


Love supporting love

Their horse nuzzles them aware

Safe they are across


Angel’s voice echos

You past this test this time true

These tests remain yours


Knight keep your faith true

Lady, Love knight from Him True

Waters of life will come


Bound in three they ride

Knight, Lady on their true Quest

The ride of their life
2013 copyright. 20130501 copywrit

Prompt at Verses First at Poets United