The Raven’s Words #poetry #fantasy

thefoxandtheraven>>>Dagger’s point  deep in her heart<<<

dark words had

done their deed

from the dungeon

called her home

she, longing to be freed


“where are you?” the raven caws

she cried through nights and days

the armored man

she waited for

had best not lost his way


for darkness claws

at dungeons’ walls

seeks destruction’s ease

aiming for the last of hope

drove the lady to her knees


what he’ll find who can tell

a lady or a wraith

will your steed

forward now

from hell she




(*the “V” is meant to make a visual only of a word picture of the dagger)

This is the offering for the excellent picture prompt over at The Mag. Thanks to Tess for offering a place to be inspired.


13 thoughts on “The Raven’s Words #poetry #fantasy

  1. You stabbed right to the heart of darkness felt in this image. I love the way you worked the photographer’s title into your poem, also.
    btw, very interesting blog concept; I like!

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