Quest of the Waters #poetry #Love #VersesFirst #bound

Lady and Knight ride

On the Quest for life’s water

Love grows as they ride


Distractions abound

Shared desires spur their questions

Tests of truth ahead


A log unnatural

Bridges the crevasse they find

He appears in smoke


Passage requires tests

Hold your sword knight hear my words

Souls are now at risk


Knight leave your great steed

Close your eyes to cross this way

Faith to one above


Lady’s test is hard

Show your faith in this man’s love

Hold his hand eyes shut


Both prayed to be true

In their walk of life forever

Eyes shut they stumbled


Love supporting love

Their horse nuzzles them aware

Safe they are across


Angel’s voice echos

You past this test this time true

These tests remain yours


Knight keep your faith true

Lady, Love knight from Him True

Waters of life will come


Bound in three they ride

Knight, Lady on their true Quest

The ride of their life
2013 copyright. 20130501 copywrit

Prompt at Verses First at Poets United


3 thoughts on “Quest of the Waters #poetry #Love #VersesFirst #bound

  1. Even though it’s not written in a ballad rhythm, I thought this had a very ballad-like feel to it, and very much a sense of that archetypal quest which all lovers are on.

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