Heart’s Duet #poetry #ladyknight



Lady’s heart calls                                               Call to my heart

 In moonlight serenade                                   my love  make it soon

With our song of love                                       sing me a love song

Dawn kisses the clouds                                   by the glow of the moon

Makes them blush                                            in pink dawn

desires drips like liquid sunshine                blow me hot kisses

Rouge paints sweaty dreams                        liquid desire bubbles

“I am Just Me” she says                                  embracing wishes of us

He agrees with a smile                                   the light catches in his smile

 Knowing she fits with him best                   the mirth is hers  

She rocks his world with challenges           hold me near tight for awhile

 Fills his heart                                                   wrap me in your love

 To overflowing  love                                       fountain’s flow never ceasing


Thanks for the photograph of the fountain


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