The knight’s plight in 1000 years #WWUC #poetry

Can you just see

One thousand years

when  sailing

on a cloud?

Will they remember

on distant star

that celestial travel

was not allowed?


will the  men

in very shiny suits

donning that airy stuff

per chance remember

back in time

suiting up

boys- that was tough


and when your lady

winks at you

do you stutter

with a sigh

or do you shudder

at the thought

there’s more glue

there than eyes?


One thousand years

I dread the thought

my ruins will be gone

but darling please

do not forget

my love

goes eternally on…

This may seem a silly reflection to 1000 years in either direction but the knight in his tale wants all to remember that love prevails for a thousand upon thousands of years…

This knight’s poem is in response to a prompt over at New World Creative Union. We are asked to reflect on history and the future and where we might be.


Lost In The Knight #poetry

A cold wintry eve

swallowed by the mist

I clamor for reprieve

no one for whom I’m missed


struggling for my life

darkness wont let me be

if only in this night

someone to set me free


chilled bones I feel no trace

I cannot see my breath

please free me from this place

of life I am bereft


I never heard you there

no momentary fright

a strong-arm offered care

a gentle warming knight


you steel me toward the sun

where fires warm and cheer

a face to light my heart

away from death you steer

Photography : Thanks to Bindiblue for the magnificent helmet

Lady’s Lament #poetry #knight #romance

It was a frosty eve in my turret
Thoughts of one who might come
But would he?
I had waited for so long in the mist of nothing
I have pulled most of the silver from my hair
… yet he tarries
Will he be here at my last breath  ????
I  hear an echo on the fall winds
They carry the tale of a gray beleaguered knight
One weary of sieges and dragons
He is looking for a warm hearth
a soft hand to hold
Come to me…
oh weary one
Find your lady before it is too late
Ride hard
…in hopes of finding us

Come To Me #death #knight


“Come to me I am lonely”

she cried in  dark stormy night

“come to me  for I am lonely”

He hears  a brave yet trembling fright


“Take heart I am coming

dearest lady I will come”

“Come to me I am lonely

they will hurt me as I  sleep”

“Take heart I am coming

vigilance please keep”


“Do not come to me

she cried out

“for I fear it is too late”

“I am ravaged, torn and broken

I eagerly wait for heaven’s gate”



“Too late I am coming

though  ragged, pierced, forlorn”

“do not come it’ s too late

I am lying at death’s door”

“I am coming oh my lady

though this may find us both dead

We have waited oh so long

lay your hair upon my head”

Last Kiss at the Cape #hurricane #love #poetry

Steam rose
Where  lips last touched
Tears merged with storm
Fingertips stroke jaw lines
No words found
Longing eyes convey
“I love you more than life”

Hugs reluctant release
Splashes echo heartbeats
Thunder sounds retreat
Umbrella wavers in despair
Lightening brightened void

Against the lapel crease
Note slips into a pocket
“Don’t ever let me go”
He whispers

Catching the sparkle

a ray from the sun

From a ring



He caresses her note
the storm’s fury took her
Her last words
“Meet me on the evening sky my darling”

He bravely offered to stand watch
He was taken out to sea
At evening’s meeting of day
Hands clasp
Red sky night
True love’s delight

This poem written for The Mag 141

wishing all of you in the storm’s path safety and warmth

Colorful Dreams of a Knight #nwcu #poetry

Colorful sounds
spin about my head
beckoning me
tying my steed
I crunch through
a tide of dead leaves
Closing my eyes to past echos
reminding me of fallen friends
does all of life
have to remind me?
I shall soon be
among the dust
trod by those to come
into silence
I walk
then I hear it
in the breeze
a whisper at first
a hand takes mine
I am turning
my eyes are gazing
she is adorned in fall
bronze with red
catching the light
holding her
I fall prey to dreams
Called by the sounds
I open my eyes
And dance

Thanks to New World Creative Union for the prompt today

The Siege of the Crows #WWUC #NWCU

I thought I heard something at the very edge of the darkest part of night.

It is a cold windy night; my companions are certain it is the wind.

I am certain- still they have no desire to sally out if there is a problem.

I hear it again.

The words are stretched out like the whisps of hot blown sugar “H-E-L-P…. M-E…

“I will go” I say with not the least bit hesitation.

My closest knight gruffly tells me “our pact is none could ride alone.”

“Then I will trudge out in my wet boots” I say indignantly.

“For someone needs help tonight.” I retort as I pull on my boots.

I embrace the dark tendrils of night.

Then I feel them

Wings flapping in my face.

Crows the size of a small man.

Blocking me and my stalwart companion

“What is the secret word?” I importune.

He is reluctant to speak lightly these words of power.

He knows them. He knows all the words that gain passage.

“It could free the one out there in the cold.

What if it’s a child or a maid?”

There are no words just plaintiff screams.

He says the words; the black wings break apart and a dark dust falls on us.

I run toward the screams

A once white tower now darkened by crows looms ahead

“The words my friend- Scream them at those beasts!”

He screams them with authority.

We trudge through drifts of crow dust.

These are the words I knew – they had been etched in my heart as a boy

” Liberabit Vos!”

At these words, the tower shone white and out walks a lady.

The most beautiful sight I had ever beheld.

She is draped in celestial blue

She looks like a star as she rose into the night

I knew she is free once more.

Her smile of gratitude warms my heart and clears the dark path homeward.

This microfiction is in response to a prompt over at The New World Creative Union

Thanks to Mikomau for the drawing of crows

Window in the Sky #photography #poetry

Upside Down

From my window in the sky

I peer from a room of doom

A view of nothingness

from a  world that is  so high


long ago when things were fair

dragons  breathed  fiery gas

took the blues and purples

from the air


knight’s shouted out into the breeze

“we shall seize you hell’s beast”

swords valiantly swung as one

into the sky with ease


 smelt the hopelessness of burning thatch

ignited by long feared  ancient foe

with all bravery  forward bound

 they were alas no match


for once upon a  time

I had a view from  castle mine

our hope and beauty had to die

in my window in the sky

Photograph: Upside Down by Terence Jones

Thanks to New World Creative Union for introducing Terence  Jones and his photography to us.

Children’s Quest

A child lost inside
Flees the tongs of pain for peace
Triangle fortress
Warrior, poet, lover
Lilacs strewn like bright stars
Yellow, blue and green
What color is this night
Hope’s points are white against black
Crest of Gray rides on
A child lost inside
Finds giggles and laughter dear
Knight and Lady borne
// For Wednesday Wake Up Call 26.09.12