Lost In The Knight #poetry

A cold wintry eve

swallowed by the mist

I clamor for reprieve

no one for whom I’m missed


struggling for my life

darkness wont let me be

if only in this night

someone to set me free


chilled bones I feel no trace

I cannot see my breath

please free me from this place

of life I am bereft


I never heard you there

no momentary fright

a strong-arm offered care

a gentle warming knight


you steel me toward the sun

where fires warm and cheer

a face to light my heart

away from death you steer

Photography : Thanks to Bindiblue for the magnificent helmet


2 thoughts on “Lost In The Knight #poetry

  1. like it!!!
    all the way from the title to the wonderful picture to the steering away from death
    thanks for your visit

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