Come To Me #death #knight


“Come to me I am lonely”

she cried in  dark stormy night

“come to me  for I am lonely”

He hears  a brave yet trembling fright


“Take heart I am coming

dearest lady I will come”

“Come to me I am lonely

they will hurt me as I  sleep”

“Take heart I am coming

vigilance please keep”


“Do not come to me

she cried out

“for I fear it is too late”

“I am ravaged, torn and broken

I eagerly wait for heaven’s gate”



“Too late I am coming

though  ragged, pierced, forlorn”

“do not come it’ s too late

I am lying at death’s door”

“I am coming oh my lady

though this may find us both dead

We have waited oh so long

lay your hair upon my head”


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