Last Kiss at the Cape #hurricane #love #poetry

Steam rose
Where  lips last touched
Tears merged with storm
Fingertips stroke jaw lines
No words found
Longing eyes convey
“I love you more than life”

Hugs reluctant release
Splashes echo heartbeats
Thunder sounds retreat
Umbrella wavers in despair
Lightening brightened void

Against the lapel crease
Note slips into a pocket
“Don’t ever let me go”
He whispers

Catching the sparkle

a ray from the sun

From a ring



He caresses her note
the storm’s fury took her
Her last words
“Meet me on the evening sky my darling”

He bravely offered to stand watch
He was taken out to sea
At evening’s meeting of day
Hands clasp
Red sky night
True love’s delight

This poem written for The Mag 141

wishing all of you in the storm’s path safety and warmth


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