Colorful Dreams of a Knight #nwcu #poetry

Colorful sounds
spin about my head
beckoning me
tying my steed
I crunch through
a tide of dead leaves
Closing my eyes to past echos
reminding me of fallen friends
does all of life
have to remind me?
I shall soon be
among the dust
trod by those to come
into silence
I walk
then I hear it
in the breeze
a whisper at first
a hand takes mine
I am turning
my eyes are gazing
she is adorned in fall
bronze with red
catching the light
holding her
I fall prey to dreams
Called by the sounds
I open my eyes
And dance

Thanks to New World Creative Union for the prompt today


3 thoughts on “Colorful Dreams of a Knight #nwcu #poetry

  1. your piece is infused with light and symbolism. Fall is a time to reflect on the past isnt it? Thanks for being part of Sunday Snap Shot

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