The Dream Holder #poetry #fantasy

What is a friend…

she looked up through misty eyes

clouds taking shapes of dragons, serpents and monsters

she braced herself against the sweet-smelling clover

fear of the storm returning that had ravaged her life

the smell of smoke would reek into the air for days yet

there was nothing she could have done

her knights were gone when her father’s castle was attacked

“oh mercy for the dead” she pulled on a hand-full of clover

she would not have left  there were so many to save

he lifted her onto his shoulder and carried her to this meadow

She was safe but so alone

She would have preferred to have died than to have lost everything

she closed her eyes and saw him –

her friend from childhood had deep eyes – she could swim there

her lover since womanhood held her in a world of their  dreams

The two just wanted life together

“Why did you have to save me?” she pounded the earth and cried at the sky

“So that I can love you forever dearest” her friend and lover smoothed her hair 

She smelled the fire on him and saw streaks of blood.

She jumped up (alive once more)  to gather healing herbs and water to ease the pains of the one who had rescued her 

…a holder of  dreams


The prompt from Aristotle’s query “What is a friend” is answered in this prose for Carry on Tuesday

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