Once Upon A Time… #dragons #fantasy

Keith at Carry On Tuesday each week gives a prompt that the writer has to finish

Today’s prompt is:

When  a fiery dragon smote the earth

children rarely played outside

flames often caught the ladies skirts

“patience we must abide”


Then there came a stormy pair

who sought to change the score

they claimed to be unaware

that fear  a requisite for rich and poor


He brandished magic sword of steel

rode his stout hearted faithful steed

a sure eye her long bow deftly yield

many a  beast’s heart  was pierced with poisoned arrow’s speed


Their one weakness was their love

all the town could see

they called for protection from above

“Lord guide us ” is our plea


They returned late one moonless night

she had pierced the dragon heart

it had been a long and  fearsome fight

love’s courage had been their dart


battle never comes without a cost

they knew this from the start

and sadly this couple was earth’s loss

but they would never be apart


children now laugh and play

ladies skirts never alight

they sing of heroism from that day

when love’s fire won the fight


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