Cold Loneliness…

Existence she sighed

Is sooo meaningless

The notion of Love was designed by lonely women

To cause younger women to dream

A twinkle winked at her

To no avail

A twinkle in the mind’s eye

What was it?

A dream?

A wish?

A nuisance

Her desire or his?


Where did he come from?

Her dream or his?

Hmm she smirked probably just a twist in my otherwise empty heart

He smiled at her smirk in delight

Dream / she scoffed


Is it you?

Who is speaking?

You are my dream he says

Am I yours says he

Who are you?

What do u want???

Well go away dream

How else could we be? Here? Now?

For where I live dreams fill tumbler glasses.

It goes down smooth but leaves more emptiness

You are she from my dream!

It cannot be for I am heartless no longer a she

You must be truly blessed or very alone…

Go away and find your dream before it fades

Without love – it matters not who is he or she

Yes exactly

I am lost

The dream is dead in her heart

And mine

Run “he” before it is too late

We are just cold, alone, lost, missing the light

His sadness echos like the foghorn’s cry

The pain of rejection, death, and disaster

Lost in his darkness not seeing the light

Staying with the wounded shadows

Did he see?

A silent tear welled in my eye

You had me in our dreams… So sad I am doomed

I am nothing I wanted to cry

Loves abyss

My dearest sad friend

Let me add my tears to yours

No you could not have been he

let me add my tears to yours

He came one night whispering in my ear taking the chill away

Then it happened

His tear mingled with hers

then he knew

then she knew

if tears could share

and be one in hearts


love was always there

waiting for them

A spring

A fountain flowed

Where ice had reigned in her heart

He sang a song and danced for her

and held out his hand

joining hers in dance

feeling their heats warm

as cold loneliness fled


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