Will you …? #atozchallenge #Carcassonne #gaming

“Will you … ?” Blazon said to Vol.  Vol eyed him  wisely, let him perch, and took flight. “This is glorious ! ” Blazon yelled as they circled and dove over Carcassonne.  A new legend born of a knight and his dragon keeping evil at bay.


“Will you …” the Princess whispered to Ky.

“You will always be my princess” Ky whispered back ” Even when we are man and Queen. ”  Ky knew this would make Carcassonne stronger with a Queen everyone loved.   He would never reveal his claim to the throne and would serve his Queen forever in all ways happily.


“Will you…” Bree intoned to Alan.

“Yes, I am ready to play again with you” Alan laughed.  ” Would you like to use the Lady’s Knight expansion?

Bree smiled thinking of the possibilities for them this time in Carcassonne.


The witch smiled. “A dragon and knight togetherness. What a good combination!  My children will be wonderful together”.

“will you…” The Dark Man scowled

“I would love another match ” she said “maybe you won’t try to cheat this time but how can you go against your nature?  Would you like to play Carcassonne or Dominion? … Oh both?  That will be interesting!”

She hoped Bree and Alan were up to this challenge!


“Will you…?” The writer closes her laptop.

“Indeed” he winked powering down his device,


“Will You…? A to Z challengers host another challenge in 2013?


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