Vol takes flight #carcassonne #atozchallenge #gaming

“Now there is slime running around the castle. Alan that undefined tile was a good choice.” Bree said with as much sarcasm as she could muster. “Ya know I am going to get some pizza while you rummage for more tiles like that one.”

“Ok you know I like the spicy Thai chicken with veggies on my side.” Alan filed through game tiles knowing the dragon tile was around.

As she bounded down the stairs, she heard a car peal around ViceroyAve. “That’s taking it a bit fast.” All of a sudden a dark car drove up. “Two cars on Viceroy Ave; it’s a busy friday to be sure.”  Bree thought as she clicked open her Volvo with the remote.

“Hold on there maaam.” she turned to see a tall, impressive man in the shadows. “We have reason to believe that your car has been tampered with and it may be unsafe for you to operate. Mind if I check it for prints? He pulled out a shiny Chicago Vice badge.”

Viceroy Ave just got busier.” Bree mused. “Sure be my guest officer.”

A blood curdling scream hit the air and chills ventured down Bree’s spine. The officer was too busy about his work to notice odd sounds or movements.

“Ah there is such satisfaction that comes when I play the dragon tile” Alan smirked noting the sound and the shadow of a massive talon scraping his veranda.


Vol touched down outside of Carcassonne after twilight. Blazon had become very fond of the dragon who appeared to have good taste in voluptuous women. Vol was playing with Simone. “Verily, what is this you are playing with Vol?” Blazon queried.

“Tell him to leave me alone” she said vehemently with bloodied arms and legs.

“Miss don’t you know you never tell a dragon what to do; very often he will go against your wishes.”


Alan put the tile of Mi lady back in the game box. “Looks like we will have no further need of this one…”


Vol – the perfect name for the Carcassonne dragon. Vol: french for flight, colloquial for volatility. How Vol got to Chicago no one will ever know…

Thanks to the A to Z Challenge and the wonderful hosts and all the people writing and the academy and the letters W, X, Y, Z…


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