Undefined #atozchallenge #carcassonne #gaming


Bree picked it up looking at it. “What is it Alan?”

“It’s a game tile Bree” Alan smiled

“Duh, stating the obvious. But really what’s the point?”

“Bree, I used to think the undefined tile was a pain but play it and let’s see.”

“Well why did you throw it in?”

“To mix things up.”


The clean up of headless bodies had gone on for hours. The princess stood hands clenched on the rail of the balustrade and watched. Ky at some point joined her. He realized she had not yet seen the body of the king and knew it would not be an easy task.

A servant, loathe to touch an unctuous goo that he attributed to the dragon, swept the black smelly stuff into a corner. “Someone else can deal with that refuse.” What he did not know – it was not left by the dragon but was all that remained of one of the usurpers. In preservation of black magic, the cloaked man had assured his decayed body would rise again.

The princess and prince, too distracted by the report that several of the kings servants had died, failed from their vantage point to notice the unattended, black, slithering goo move out of the room.

“The physician knew your father was poisoned your highness ; it appears that the poison affected everyone who touched it or the person poisoned. You cannot see your father’s body. All who attended him are dead.” the servant nervously shook her head thankful that she had only spoken with the physician through the door.

Joliette looked at Ky through tear-stained eyes “What am I to do? It is tradition and I want to see my father one last time.”

“You are queen your majesty; you must consider the people. Their kingdom has been threatened. Who will reign if you are dead?” Ky knew he was the rightful heir but at this moment he had no desire to supplant the woman who would make an excellent queen. Time might right the situation but Ky with little thought for himself chose to serve the woman he admired.

If any one had been looking, the undefined, unctuous goo was gone. It would return in time to deal another blow.

The A to Z challenge is on its final week. We are grateful to the co-hosts who put in hours and hours of their personal time. We are also grateful to all of you who have stopped in to read our serial story.

We (Lady and Knight) are writers who write many genres. We enjoy writing fantasy together. We also enjoy gaming and had recently been playing the game Carcassonne when we thought of trying to merge our love for gaming and our love for writing. This idea was conceived rather last-minute and this story is very raw and unedited but it has been fun seeing how a game can drive the course of a story and drive writers crazy…


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