A Tail of Tales #atozchallenge #carcassonne #gaming

In response to a stentorian command…

…they stopped and looked at Joliette (perhaps they heard the swoosh of a large object.) The princess brandished a sword and had a fierce falcon on her shoulder. In the time they took, several heads were bobbing up in the air like balls suspended by a juggler. “That’s an impressively sharp tail” Joiliette smiled at the falcon. The falcon responded with an affirmative squreech.

“WHAPPPP”  another clean sweep had been made resulting in more bobbing heads. None could run as a very large claw was casually propped against the exit. The usurpers had been smart; their plan had been to corner the guards in one main room and then have full run of the castle. The plan did have its merits.

Joliette bowed to the owner of the sword-like tail; she was a bit jealous that her sword was unsullied. Ky had joined Blazon just in time to watch heads of all shapes and sizes in various arcs in the air. “There is one thing you never do” Ky whispered to Blazon. “What is that majesty?” “Don’t grab a dragon by the tail…”


Mi Lady during the cirque de dragon ran to a secret exit. She had no desire to come head to head with a prince, a knight and certainly not a dragon.

She would save this fight for another day. There were always more mal contents who she could rally to overthrow a kingdom – it just took  a little time.


Louis, an amateur artist, drew a picture of a dragon sweeping away a rag tag army with its tail. One day a tapestry would adorn Carcassone depicting the story of the siege; stuck at the very end of the dragon’s tail was a ballista bolt.

Thanks to the A to Z challenge Co-Hosts

This has been a great month to meet a myriad of wonderful writers….


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