Guerre Sans Espoir #Carcasonne #atozchallenge #gaming

“This is madness”, Ky yells angrily “Where are the King’s guards?”  Enemies appear without end in front of him.  As soon as, he slays one, another takes his place.  “Where is the princess?”   He fights his way closer to the courtyard.   The sound of the fighting raging there inspires him to fight harder to reach those fighting for the right.


Simone giggled.  “That dumb Alan led me right to Bree’s car.  What a tool!!”  She hummed as she cut the brakeline and drained it into her empty coke bottle.  She taped it with scotch tape. She could see Bree turning out of this parking spot and down the hill into the busy intersection.  “Bam, Bamm!”


Mi lady hums swinging the Ballista around on the wall mount above the courtyard.  Eveline perches on the castle wall and aims the huge arrow at the Princesses’ heart.  “I will win this day, princess, by my will, alone!”  Mi Lady, pulls the release on the Ballista.  There is the sound of the giant bow flinging the large bolt with deadly accuracy.


“Did I ever tell you that you are an amazing, Bree?  I am proud to be your friend.”

“Thank you, Alan.  You are my best friend.  You showed me the best of me …in you.  Now play the darn tile!!”


“Hurry, Mighty One” Blazon yells. “Follow Ky’s Peregine.  Our friends need us  —  now!”  He can see the castle of Carcasonne rushing toward them.


Thank you to the delightful cohorts of the A to Z challenge. We are having a wonderful time writing a serial fantasy using the game Carcassonne to inspire our every move.


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