Rendre Justice #Carcasonne #atozchallenge #gaming

The two men waited by the door and listened to the sounds of fighting in the castle.

The princess pretended to do the same while Ky’s falcon glided into the room.  He perched by her hand with questioning eyes.  The princess fingered  the note hiding it beneath her hand.  It was a symbol that they passed between each other when they were children, “I am near” was what the symbol of the  fleur de lis meant to them then and now.

The falcon’s sharp claws  easily clipped through the chords binding Joliette. The princess stood  “drop your arms now, ” The men were stunned as the peregrine, fierce to behold, swooped at their faces with claws; they cowered to the ground.

The next moment Joliette was en garde.

She motioned  “tie these scoundrels together with rope.”

The princess was infuriated by the insolence of men as she strode to the courtyard where the fighting was the heaviest.

“Stop this fighting ” she raised her sword. “I have a menacing tool to bring justice upon you if you do not obey my command. Cease this.”

All those fighting heard a distinct sound – an unnatural movement of air…

The fleur de lis is a painting by artist Michael King

Thank you to the delightful co-conspirators of the A to Z challenge. We are having a delightful time writing a serial fantasy using the game Carcassonne to inspire our every move.


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