No Quarter… #atozchallenge #carcassonne #gaming

The princess knew she was safe but heard the report of her father being ill. The echoes through the halls caused the princess to lose her presence of mind for one moment. She slumped into a chair looking at her maid.

That was all the intruders needed.

“He will be dead soon princess and we will have Carcassonne.”

The man dressed as a soldier held the princess at spear point while the other shabily dressed man with a dagger tied the princess to the chair.

“Qu’est ce sais ne pas faire de quartier?” the princess said angrily to the man who had tied her to a chair.

“No mercy princess,” the man’s reply seethed through cracked lips..


“Are we talking game over… Check Mate Alan? ” Bree’s dismay was not for the state of the game but for the people in Carcassonne.

Alan shook his head. “We have to make an outlandish counterattack. In answer to your question – this is not chess.”


“Je comprends…” the princess held her head with a grave dignity. Though she had just recieved news of her father’s death she would not shed a tear in the presence of such filth.

“Please do it quickly; the people have already been dealt a blow. They cannot stand much more.”

The men had not been given the order to kill her just subdue her. “It is not in our orders. We will wait while my men deal with the palace guard. We may need you to convince them…”

The princess saw wings at her window from the corner of her eye. She had forgotten about Ky, “Yes we shall wait.”

Thank you to the delightful co-conspirators of the A to Z challenge. We are having a delightful time writing a serial fantasy using the game Carcassonne to inspire our every move. By the way that was fun coming up with a “Q” happily the letter worked in french and english,


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