Reves de Peur – #Carcasonne #atozchallenge #gaming

Majer, the king’s cup bearer smiled.   He had survived another day.  “I’ll see you at the sunrise.”  Majer waved happily to the court guards.  “It is my daughter’s birthday, tonight.  She is fifteen et tres jolie.”  He held up the doll the princess had made for her. A beautiful gift from a generous lady. “She will be pleased with this gift from her princess.”

A shadow of darkness passed over his eyes.  Majer felt a chill rush through his body.  The floor rushed at him like a faithless lover hurrying to cover her guilt.   “I am sorry  your majesty” he croaked “I have failed you…”  He felt the guards spring to him.  Their touch felt strange or was it ?

“I am so cold. ” Majer heard “The king is ill.  Fetch the physician…” An ominous silence  rushed up the stairs past Majer.

Majer tried to speak but could not.  “We at the royal table partake the same… How…? The gift!!! The Goblet of Prosperity from a woman.  That was the thing that he and the king touched…. It had warmed their fingers.  He wished he could speak  or mouth “poison” to the guards but the chill had frozen his lips.  “I am sorry, gentle Jouex , I will not be there to protect and watch you grow.  Gisselle, my love, …I am coming to be with you …”

“Help the princess, Help the princess ” a faint cry gathered energy from fear ; even the palaces marbled floors echoed doom…  A guard roared  at Majer “Stand up man! Can you not hear?…the king is dead… the princess is in trouble.”

“We are all in trouble!” Majer’s last thought.


Bree looked at the words – “Reves de Peur” and felt a chill. “Dreams of fear? I feel the wave of fear – This is no game tile!!!!!!”

Many thanks to the A to Z Challenge hosts. This is a wonderful challenge and great way to meet a myriad of taeltned writers.

Photo: Carcassonne the woman is a figure of lasy Carcass who saved the day several centuries ago.

Poisoned goblet


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