Omen #carcassonne #atozchallenge #gaming

There had been a wise woman who had lived year and years ago in the village of Carcassonne. They say that she saw things and everything she saw in dreams or visions, at one time or another, had come true. “She’s an old hag” some had said while others whispered “stay away but the woman knows all you do and say.” A good and strong ruler of Carcassonne  had heard her words and what she predicted chilled and broke his heart for he knew that the  fate of his kingdom rested in the hands of children.

“A king will be assassinated and his foolish brother will be put on the throne; the rightful heir to the throne will live among the beasts and he will thrive. The princess will keep company with evil doers while Carcassonne sways on the precarious point of a sword. If the rightful heirs are not brave then Carcassonne will become a legendary ruin…”


A dragon touches down after flying over a manicured farmland. He knows to keep this knight safe as there are few who have the strength and training to save the country that his beloved prince must protect. Many destroyers are about. The dragon knows he must protect Blazon with his own life.


She had fed him by hand when he was just a little one. “There was a kingdom who desperately needed a hero. The king was weak and many warriors were afraid but there were a few…” He never realized until this moment that he was in her story…

This is a wrap for the A to Z challenge for O. We have decided to use the month to construct a short story using the letters A to Z as well as the gaming tiles from a game “Carcassonne”. Not only are the letters wrecking havoc but the game tiles are having a ball at the writers expense.

Photograph:  Edouard Vuillard “Landscape of the Ile-de-France” from National Gallery of Art 2012


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