Melee #atozchallenge #carcassonne #gaming

“I hate this” Blazon wanted to be able to walk away to the ale house but that was not in the cards for his day.  Two men closed in with bad intent in their daggers.

“I can disarm at least one; they are overconfident,” the well trained knight calculated. “Here they come.”

Thrust, parry, thrust.  It seemed more like alot of arm swinging than anything else. Just at the moment that Blazon would have received the intended dagger he felt himself being lifted over the wall. He looked at the men’s faces. They showed terror. When he saw one head being severed with the whack of a tail, he could understand why the terror. The beast that was suspended in air with large wings was not a mythological creature – it was a very real dragon.

Strong wings beat the dirt of the courtyard into a cloud almost like a fog. As they rose, Blazon could barely see below him. “That was your plan was it not? You did not want others to know of your presence. Well Done!”

Blazon did not think through the fact that the beast that had in a motion beheaded a man was holding his arms tenderly in one claw.  “Where are we flying?”

At that moment he heard a voice “Away from Carcassonne…”

We have been waiting since the letter “D” to introduce the dragon; what castle scene is complete without a dragon? We are enjoying our month of the A to Z challenge. There are as many different entries as there are the letters A to Z – delightful each!

We decided to write a fantasy (surprise) using the game Carcassonne as our inspiration. As the game tiles move the game so do the game tiles motivate our story. It presents it’s own set of challenges. On May 1 we will publish the story in its entirety here at Lady’s Knight.

The perfect dragon photo was found  in Guy Noir’s cache.

Did you know? Lady and Her Knight are established writers who have their own blogs and unique writing? They come together here and write as one pen- something they are enjoying very much.


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