“It will be her Last” #atozchallenge #gaming #carcassonne

Mi lady was already deep in plans

We will have a grand burial for the princess. There will be horses, flowers, music…

Her face had such a lovely  glow causing  the princess to misread Eveline’s intentions.

She had been instructed recently to not take drink or food from any but the king’s hand

“He surely did not mean my constant companion” the princess thought as she accepted the glass with the sparkling contents.

“It will give you health princess – drink. ”

The princess held the glass at an arm’s length with the intent of making a grand sweep with the crystal goblet as she had seen in the court.

Just then she heard  “fwwwaaapp”,  felt then heard the crackling of crystal. Joliette jumped away as an arrow skittered on the stone floor.

“Someone is trying to kill me,” she said with accusing eyes

Though not intending her accusation for Eveline, Mi lady started to back out of the chamber.

“No, no don’t leave we must find out who it is who has done this.”

“I will go ask around and see if there is anything suspicious in the hall.”

“No ” she said in a voice that was very grown up and commanding “We will send for help. You will stay.”

Bree and Alan were frozen. “I did not expect that from Ky.”

“Good move Bree with the princess. She needs to take a stand as royalty in order to stay alive.”

Ky patted the head of his falcon “well done my friend. Take this back to my dear princess.”  He held a handful of raw meat which the falcon gladly accepted as it flew to Joliette. “We will see what our friends are doing elsewhere.” Ky had a surprise for Blazon.

Blazon looked with composure at the two who would kill him. “They will get a fight to the death out of me.”

This is one post that is inspired by the image. An amazing shot of an arrow through a goblet much too good to pass by. L is the letter for the day – we bow in courtly manner to the honored hosts of the A to Z challenge.




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