Ky – Arrow’s Point #atozchallenge #carcassonne #gaming

The specter of a father, who died long ago, places his hand on his young son’s head, “my son, Kyaste, you will be the point of the arrow when the kingdom has need.”


Ky a master of  weapons.   The bow releases one dark, silent arrow whizzes into the air.

Ky commands the loyalty of wild things: horses, falcons… know the message in his whistle. The hoof beat of  a powerful stallion – man and beast intuitively act as one.

Alan fingers the game tile holding it as if it was more than a square  of  cardboard with a picture on it.

” Prince Ky an ally of the Dragon. ” He smiles with secret delight.

“Prince Ky a friend to loyal knights like Blazon.”

“Prince Ky” interjects Bree “is neither a good man nor a bad man. He metes out justice with one hand  kills the undeserving with the other.”

“Prince Ky heart’s twin of Joliette princess of Carcassonne.”

“Where will the tile do the most damage to your plot Simone?”Alan peruses the playing field pressing the tile in his palm.

He feels Blazon trying to make himself look invisible in the open city square. He feels the breath of deceitful, armed men– they are that close.

Bree hears the Princess Joliette giving Ky’s falcon instructions “find him for me,” she whispers, “he is desperately needed.” Neither Bree nor Alan see Mi Lady handing an elixir to the princess.

“You need to place it now Alan; they are out of time.”

A hand puts a warm tile on the gameboard of Carcassonne. “Do the most damage you can do Ky. Rapidment!”


We are part of a month long writing challenge to write an entry each day from A to Z. Today is “K”. We are creating a short story using the game Carcassonne and game extensions as our inspiration for a fantasy that is being written tile by tile.


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