Jocker des tuiles #atozchallenge #gaming #carcassonne

Bree racked her brain.  They needed reinforcements – now !  “Ah-Ha.  There is the Princess and Dragon expansion.  We need both!!”

Princess Joliette gazed at the river, woods, and mountain beyond Carcassonne.   Lady Eveline  sniff’s  “You will never find a prince to wed looking at scenery.  No wonder you are sick so often.  You should not stand by drafty windows.”

“But what if a dragon flew near and I missed him.  Or what if there is a sea serpent in the river or….” Joliette mused “they did claim to find dragon scales by the river.”

“Silly woman, you are 17 now and should be worried on your future. What if your father were to pass suddenly into the veil? Without an intended you will be at the mercy of whoever the Council of Nobles appoints as regent.  I should help find you a proper prince.”

“Thankfully,  my cousin  Prince Kyaste is a proper prince.  He is an able equestrian and hunter. He goes  all over the kingdom with his hunts.   He shares what he finds with those in need.”

“It would be more impressive if he shared his skill’s favor.  We could use wild boar at our tables!”

“Prince Kyaste is both generous and kind.  I would be proud to be joined with his name” Joliette laughs.

“If he would stop riding off to these hunts, we could see him at  Court more.”  and maybe I could manipulate his thinkinng mi lady thought secretly.

“Some prefer the wild air to stuffy castles… I would love to see a dragon.”

“Silly girl you must spend your time at court. It is your duty.”


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