Impasse #atozchallenge #carcassonne #gaming

Blazon had managed to slink to the door that had appeared when a tile was played. The door would not budge.
“Merde!!! Je suis mort!”
Alan scratched his head having no idea what was going on.
What he didn’t realize – someone else was playing Carcassonne.

” Imbecile!! Idiot!!! “She sneered.
Once he met Bree, Alan had never allowed Simone to game with them. “She was good” he had told his friends. Ruthless to be sure but he had suspicions that she had let the air out of Bree’s tires on her car. He  had not wanted to think of what she was capable of.

“What am I going to do?” Blazon was at an impasse  at that moment the hole in his heart started doing unusual things. He felt a warm, wet oozing on his chest. “This can’t be happening.” Blazon always knew the hole in his chest was a problem. It had never bled before.

“This is more than a game” Simone cackled as she drove a pin into a voodoo doll.

There was a knock at the door. A voodoo doll was handed by messenger  to Alan with a note around its neck “IN Your Face IDIOT!” ~ S

“Now I know whose voice that was that I recognized. The stakes were just raised in Carcassonne.”

“I feel like flinging the game away from us so it can’t hurt us.”Bree clenched her fists. They had never ended a game in the middle and she worried about the outcome for her characters in Carcassonne – this had become more than a game for all of them.


We (Lady and Knight) are loving the A to Z challenge. When we decided to write this story based on a game (allowing the game to have some “say” in the story’s direction), we didn’t know what a challenge it would be. We are manipulating the tiles and have created a few (there is not a door tile) to help the story line but we are still playing a game with tiles and people from two dimensions (well three if you include us.)
This “I” is a result of reading” H” about heroes and the need for the MC/hero to have a weakness. The character Blazon had a weakness from the start but we had not played that tile. So here is the “I” tile thanks to fellow writers Nancy Thompson and Unicorn Bell

The magnificent door is a photo taken by artist G.L Everest in Italy


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