Hope – #atozchallenge #carcassonne #gaming

Blazon inhaled deep.  “How will I get out of this?”. He crouched in the shadows of the Alehouse.  He could see rough looking men who seemed to be searching for someone.

“Find the runt!  He is somewhere in Carcassonne.  He is about eleven stone, hair the color of the soil, big hands and is good with horses” the scoundrel muttered to his thugs.

“Why are they after me?” a worried Blazon crouching lower.

“Find the runt.  He knows too much about mi lady!”

Bree held her breath.  She can see in her head the tile Alan needs. ” I remember what it is like to be trapped with no way out but in your head” she sighs.

“With a friend like you how can I go wrong?”, Alan holds her hand in one hand and picks a tile with the other.

“There is a half door behind that water barrel. How did it get there? I must find a way to cross the distance to the door”

“Drinks all around to celebrate the work of our brave fire fighters,” the old serving wrench yells.

Blazon slips into the ally with the rush to the bar.  He hears men coming and dives under a carriage waiting there.  No one will find me here”.

‘Mi Lady,  He is close. We will find him before the Jubilee!”

“Make sure you do. He could ruin our plans to overthrow this insignificant realm.” Blazon knows who Mi Lady is.


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