Fire!!!! #atozchallenge #gaming



“That is not one of the game tiles.” Bree shouted.

“Those are real flames.” Blazon ran to help

No matter how common fires were in cities of that time period people were ill prepared for the chaos that always ensued.

The desparate screeching of horses displaced the orders that are being shouted to those in position to help.

“You left side of the stables. You water bucket. You canvas bags.”

Blazon wrapped a cloth, the tavern lady had thrown at him, around his head and strode quickly into the mahem.

“It always takes a great amount of self control when flames are licking at your ankles to keep from bolting with the horses,” he thought.

“There, there it’s ok. I have you.” he said to a beautiful chestnut stallion.

The stallion would not budge. Blazon wrapped the cloth around its head and directed the panicked beast outside.

Fortunately there were people outside of the stable willing to hold the halter.

Steps away a horse was rearing almost taking off the head of a bystander.

“Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity for bandits” – Blazon scowled.

Blazon was grateful for his thick tunic for the heat against his body was intense as he  coaxed two mares to follow him.

The roar of fire was impressive for an onlooker, intimidating for the fire-fighter.

“One more pass.” From the corner of his eyes, he saw the concern on his friend the tavern woman’s face.

“Be careful.” she mouthed.

He raised his hand then turned for one last attempt.

Blazon heard voices, above the noise,  realizing someone may need help perhaps a stable boy.

“This was a stupid error. We do not want attention from the palace to what we are planning Creatin!”

“Je m’excuse.”

Blazon saw the flash of steel and knew that this was not a tile being laid either.


Sorry for the lateness of this post. Ruuning around yesterday with visiting family kept us from the computer.

We are participating a month long writing challenge – the A to Z challenge – we are enjoying the diversity of writers, the great hosts as well as the opportunity to share our love for writing. Enjoy!

Photograph from stock photo of the Fire Horse Festival in Spain.


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