Lady Eveline of Carcassonne #atozchallenge #gaming #carcassonne

Blazon had altered his course due to the band of thieves and was looking around the cobbled main street of Carcasonne he side stepped the slop that had just been  dumped from the upper story window of an ale house.

The tile laid was an extension to the castle which Alan now claimed at least he would try to retain ownership for the points.

“I’m so glad I live in the country where it is civilized.” Blazon muttered

He looked up just in time to see the entrancing Lady Eveline the companion of Princess Joliette.  Entrancing in that she insisted on attention whenever she entered a room. “I hope the princess doesn’t become like that haughty woman.”

Lady Eveline put her nose in the air as she sniffed the wind coming from the direction of the boy from the country. “I’m so glad I live behind the city walls where we are civilized. That young man must despair of country living.” She turned on her cloth shoes to make a grand exit.

“Tattered women don’t look so bad now do they?” the woman with a dusty hair scarf waved at Blazon. Bree smiled then moved her tile quickly. A cart almost ran over the ale house matron’s exposed toes. Shoes were the last thing she could afford.

“I prefer wise ale house women with a good story any day.” Blazon wanted to thank her for the donkey then realized it had not been her who had brought it just in the nick of time. “How bout a hearty meal for a knight?” Blazon knew to keep on this woman’s good side.

“Step into my humble Alehouse, Blazon.  Tell me of your adventures” she smiles.

Blazon enjoys his meal and the company.  “It was indeed a narrow escape from the thieves”, he laughs.

“You should try the cathedral gate road to get to the Inn next  time.  Thieves don’t seem to be on that road.  You should have more weapons with you as well” she said filling his ale cup.


Thanks to all of you city and country folk who are stopping in to visit Carcassonne. We are grateful to the A to Z  co-hosts for an excellent challenge.


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