Deliverance #atozchallenge #gaming #carcassone

We (lady and knight) are spending the month writing the A to Z challenge. We got the idea to write a continual short story with the letter of the day as a prompt. We are also using the gaming tiles from a game we both enjoy called Carcassonne. Each day we pick a tile which along with the letter determines the direction of our story. Enjoy Carcassonne from A B C to Z.

Blazon looked at his circumstances.  Unable to run away from the oncoming band of thieves, he had to think of alternatives quickly.  “I wish I had a bigger weapon…”

Alan on the other hand was thinking another tile would be nice about now. “Any way that my muse could conjure up some hope, help, anything?” he said playfully.

Blazon was surprised but willing to take what he could get. He jumped on the donkey that suddenly appeared. With no time to think of a way to motivate the animal, Blazon stuck his dirk into the beast’s rump.

“heee hawwww” the donkey brayed. It was in no mood for this and took off at a quick trot.

Blazon wanted to hug the animal as he crested the entrance to Carcassone. “Who would have thought a donkey could travel so sprightly.”

Bree smiled “Nice play my friend. I’ll have to remember that one. A dragon swooping down on the thieves would have been more dramatic however.”

Blazon looked down at the thieves. “Next time, you will be dragon fodder, my friends.”

… and that is a wrap for the “D” portion of A to Z writing challenge. We are starting to get the hang of the way this is playing out (tiles and all).


5 thoughts on “Deliverance #atozchallenge #gaming #carcassone

    • yes – too bad that dirk starts with a “D” for the donkey’s sake. Just so you know we bedded down the donkey and gave him “dinner” for his part in the story

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