Carcassonne not just a game #atozchallenge #gaming #shortstory

We are participating in a month long writing challenge – the A to Z challange. Each day is represented by a letter. Today the letter is “C”

“I hate this tile ” Bree murmured.

“It’s just a …” Alan was caught midsentance realizing that Carcassonne was a place where he and Bree jumped into real life in the Middle Ages. It was not “just a game.”

“As long as I have a road. I’m going to place a thief. I hope it doesn’t bode ill for you Alan,”she said with a teasing smile.

“There is a great view of the ramparts from your road Bree. Hmm I wonder if it is from  that section that the brave **Lady Carcass threw the sheep carcass stuffed with grain at the beseiging army?”

“She was gutsy to be sure. She was playing big stakes for her life and the lives of the people of Carcassone. I wonder what she was like?” Bree had that dreamy lost in another world look.

“Maybe some day we will Bree. Someday…” Alan was no longer able to look at the beauty of the castle. “You do realize that none of the tiles include “reinforcements” on these roads. Thanks Bree I owe you.”

There was no longer a man named Alan holding a game tile. A young knight named Blazon had to contemplate his next move.”
**Lady Carcass was a real person who account say threw a pig or a sheep filled with grain at Charlemagne as he approached her castle. Her husband was dead and she was desperate to prove that her people had plenty of food to stay off the seige – it worked!!!

photo by http2007 at flickr creative commons


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