The Making of a Hero – Blazon #atozchallenge #gaming

The game had begun and with it Bree who had long ago learned to live in her dream world to escape the pain of abuse as a child was walking toward a castle wall. “Who will I be today?” she smiled as she held her tile in her hand. She loved to tease Alan and make him wonder who she would be.

She set down her tile. “An innkeeper with a penchant for cheap ale” she cackled.

He could almost see the ragged clothes and the rotting teeth though this was a role she had not taken as of yet.

“I will be the story teller rather than be the subject of the story. I like wielding such power. The characters must do my bidding.” She brandished a large butcher’s knife enjoying his expression in the knife’s reflection.

Alan shuddered “gulp…” For his character  Blazon, the son of a knight, whose mettle had not yet been tested was vulnerable. Knowing this hag controlled his fate gave Alan misgivings from the start.


His feet touched the uneven cobblestones. “Ah my beloved Carcassonne. I feel you alive under me.”

He reflected back. Twenty years ago a knight and his wife had a child. The boy died at birth. The next day a discarded parcel was found at their door – a baby boy. The knight and his wife adopted the baby; no one knew that the boy Blazon was not their own. The twinkle in his eye resembled that of the knight and as he grew his strength mirrored that of his father.

Blazon had been conceived by the wise woman of Avalica – some called Hagor a witch. Hagor knew her boy would be safe with the knight and had forseen the death of the baby. Blazon had a special strength and a keen sense that knew danger.He also had a weakness- there was a hole in his heart. Oddly. it was the shape of a diamond. Hagor knew one day  her son’s gifts would be needed by the royal family. She knew that her son would be protected until he could outgrow his weakness.

“Hail, Blazon.  Where do you travel today?” the watchman asked.

“I go to the Inn by the Lake on a errand for my father!  I am proud he has entrusted me with this task.”

“Fare thee well, Blazon.  Keep your dagger loose.  There are thieves about and who knows what else.”


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