The Story of Carcassonne – Alive #atozchallenge #microfiction #Carcassonne #gaming

The world above mist and skies

days of peace and happiness

her name Carcassonne

beautiful fortification

for many just a game of tiles

for two an escape

with each tile they laid

the game came alive

Alan, known by all as “the game meister”, grew up playing games. The world of games became a retreat when he lost his parents in a car accident as a teen. “Just one more game” he would sleepily mutter to a friend at 2 am. His friends humored him because they saw how the loss of those he loved had affected him.

Bree is more than Alan’s friend. She is smart,  spunky,  lives in either a book or a game.  She teaches him to bury his anger and pain in the heart of the game. He teaches her to feel the character to be one with the game.  Their favorite game Carcassonne is a tile game of a medieval fortified city, a time of castles, knights, thieves and ladies.  Sometimes he dons armor, other times he enjoys the challenge of thievery. With each tile laid they are alive in Carcassonne. The world that drew them together; the world that saved Alan from himself. It is a world that they built together with every tile.

“Come on Alan time’s a wasting we got a late start. It’s your turn to lay the first tile.”

“With my hand I can decide who gets to live in a castle today my lady” his eyes twinkled with mirth.

“Let the castle building begin” Bree said as she held her tile teasingly before Alan.

“I finish the first castle with my tile.  I get the King and Queen tile and our story begins.”

This is our first installment for the month long writing challenge A to Z.

Carcassonne is copyrighted 2000 by Rio Grande Games  (Hans im GluckVerlegs – GmbH)


5 thoughts on “The Story of Carcassonne – Alive #atozchallenge #microfiction #Carcassonne #gaming

  1. Come from a family of gamers although I never did indulge myself in game playing, I’m going to enjoy following this tale throughout the challenge. On a personal note there are some similarities in your story to our family, gaming, the accident so I’m curious to see where you’re going to go with this story!

    Sorry if blogger’s being dumb with the anonymous thing, I actually have never been able to subscribe to a WordPress blog, I swear they have some thing going between them!

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