Pools of Tears…

It doesn’t have to…

…”End this way” he said looking into her blue eyes that looked more like deep pools of tears. “Why must we part?”

“It is for the best” she tried to keep her composure but was failing miserably

“Please go” she said in her sweet gentle voice

What she didn’t know is that voice  always turned up the heat in his heart

He pulled her close

“Marry me and then we wont have to be apart!”

“Marry you. But…”

“I don’t care what my family says or wants. I need you.”

The pools turned into stars as she giggled with mirth.

This flash fiction written for Centus Saturday hosted by Jenny Matlock


9 thoughts on “Pools of Tears…

  1. I’ve been there. Wished I’d stuck with the plan to go…but in the end, things work themselves out…and that’s what I did…worked myself out of the relationship.

  2. I read this through several times and picked up different nuances each time!

    This was really a fascinating little read.

    Thanks for sharing it.

    Sending warm wishes your way that your 2012 will be filled with creativity, joy and peace!

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