The Hidden Land of Iccilia (part 3)

When he was little Gorl dreamt of thwarting his older brother at chess.  They both were given studies.  His brother did them well.  Gorl was lazy and failed to apply what little he learned.  He could have mastered chess he never mastered wizardry.  Gorl could never succeed at anything so he sought to ruin the beauty his brother created.  His brother was patient but grew tired of Gorl’s cruelty.

” Be gone,”  he sweeps Gorl away from his world.

Gorl bitterly devised a plan to ruin his brother’s kingdom.

Now, an angry, self-appointed wizard stomps around his lair. Gorl’s cloudy face turns stormy when he hears a powerful voice; his brother’s speaking into Raphalia’s dungeon.

“Fear not child.  Be assured time is coming…” A soft but strong voice reaches into the impermeable walls of Gorl’s den.

Gorl shakes his fist at the sky –” I am a Wizard -do as I command”  A torrential sand storm swirls into Raphalia’s room.   She feels the sand tear at her.  Her power weakens and Gorl laughs.  “I will destroy her, maybe that will serve my purpose.”

Raphalia faints.   In her stupor she dreams; the stones come together in her dream.

While the foolish Gorl looks at the sands of Schiavona ,covering  Comamora, he feels a rising wind.  Gorl does not see a princess dreaming of stones.  Too late, he feels the stones power; they are angry.  Angry with him!!!   A shield and invisible swords surround her.

Gorl slams a yellow stone.  It shatters.  He looks at the sun emerging through the clouds with a grimace.  “You have always been better than me, always favored… but I have a magic that you know not.  I will destroy your beloved Iccilia and all that are a part of your world with one sweep of my hand.  We will see who has mastered magic now.”

Gorl places his hand on the black stone medallion around his neck.

“Darkness comes when called by me,

Darkness comes to strengthen me,

Darkness comes”.

The skies around his keep Thuldora darken.  Gorl grows larger with black armor covering his body along with a black sword that drips death.  The black armor flows like a living thing around him.  Gorl’s heart grows colder and darker in alliance with the evil infesting Renaissance.  He grasps the black sword and advances to where Raphalia lies.

The stones awaken her and tell her to prepare for battle.

“Her stone protects her day and night

the dreams are dark I feel their fright

will she win another day?

we must hurry no delay”

Magrid shudders…

Gorl feels the echo of flappping wings but nothing is there.  He refuses to take his mind off Raphalia again.

What he does not see is a bird whose power grows minute by minute with the blue stone of Stalwa around his neck.  He alights on the shoulder of an old hag.

There is a chuckle in the wind.  “Gorl you should have been in the class that taught you how to look two places at once.  The two pieces of this “game” that you missed only appear insignificant.”

Could you see it – the pawns were swept from the playing field.  What remains on the board are the pieces of power. A fallen pawn off a chess board shatters in the streets of Renaissance.

“It is time” Magrid whispers to the heart of the world and the heart of a bird.


Here is the link to part one

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link to part three

A response to the Prompt by The Rule of Three :
Betrayal is in the air – the is the prompt we chose

word Count 570



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